Dear visitors, thank you for visiting our website and deciding to try out something different. Renty is a new, flexible, and easy way of renting a vehicle in Slovenia. Because we strive to provide top-quality services, our goal is not only to rent out a vehicle but also to to create opportunities for adventure and change the way we think about and perceive the ownership of vehicles. By minimizing the number of owned vehicles and establishing vehicle sharing, we can contribute immensely to a healthier environment and lowering of the costs arising from vehicle ownership. Our mission is to provide mobility in a simple and user-friendly manner, while at the same time offering our customers the freedom brought by using a vehicle. We encourage you to try Renty out and share with us your impressions.



Renty is a new, simple and easy way to rent a car in Slovenia with best cost-value ratio. We provide high quality car rental services from a fleet of brand new cars with high safety standards and many additional benefits.

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